Free Stuff Alert: Mesa/Boogie and Opto Compressor by IK

The more the merrier we say, and so far September seems to be a good month for free audio plugins! This time IK Multimedia brings us a free Mesa/Boogie and Opto compressor emulation.

First up is a free amp and cab emulation for Amplitube 3. While called the “Modern Tube Lead”, this amp is actually a emulation of a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier which should make most guitarists grin ear to ear when they hear and let out a loud cheer. (Come on that was clever!) Along with a matching 4×12 closed back cab emulation, this is a great way to get the Mesa/Boogie sound with no money down and no interest for 12 months. Even if you are not a guitar player, the ability to beef up a guitar sound during mixing with a direct input and this emulation could be a huge life saver.

Making the Distortion

Making the Distortion

IK’s other offer comes from their T-RackS collection, this time the Opto Compressor. While not a direct emulation of any particular unit, the Opto Compressor does faithfully recreate an ideal analog optical style compressor; smooth and low distortion with just a hint of some analog mojo vintage buzzword stuff. Given how often we need to tame vocals during a mix, having multiple compressor options helps immensely. So why the heck would you not take a free analog style optical compressor?

Mmmmm Optical

Mmmmm Optical

If you want to acquire these free goodies (and we will slap you if you think otherwise) you will need to download Amplitube 3 and T-RackS (both free) in order to have access to IK Multimedia’s Custom Shop. Once you open the Custom Shop application and log in you will be able to download the plugins to your account and be good to go! Do keep in mind you will need to switch between Amplitube and T-RackS inside Custom Shop in order to download both (top right hand corner of the Custom Shop window).

September is a good month for guitarists and vocalists alike thanks to IK Multimedia. Unfortunately this offer ends at the end of September so do hurry! Check out their promotion for more info and get downloading!


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